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March 21, 2017
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Why We Dream in the Wrong Direction & How to Stop

We all have an intrinsic urge to grow into our potential. Now, if only it were that easy… to just do it.

While we are trekking down the road of life, judgments coming from the outside can paralyze us. We wonder, “Is this the right path?” It’s too easy to plague ourselves with the words “should” and “suppose to” regarding our personal actualities, especially if someone else’s life seemingly looks better than our own.

Social media does not help with this at all. We know better than to compare our lives to the online appearance of celebrities, but do we know better than to compare our lives to the online appearance of our peers?

Impulsively reacting and chasing a life that emulates someone else’s life elicits us to dream in the wrong direction. This is what it means to settle. When we strive for circumstances that were never meant for us in the first place, life feels like an oppressive obligation. It simply does not align with our particular gifts, limitations, and desires.

There is a joyous, real way of life that is meant for all of us, though. How we avoid settling and grow into the best version of ourselves is by separating the real from the ideal. By focusing on the truth about ourselves and our environment, setting exhilarating goals becomes so much easier and more achievable. The best part is that we take our lives to the next level when we are honest about who we are and what we are good at. Working to improve weaknesses only makes those qualities ordinary. Working to improve strengths makes those qualities extraordinary.

Living with honest purposefulness is so important in our relationships, too. It helps no one to prioritize the relationships we think we need over the relationships we really need. Isn’t it also true that when people love us for the gifts that come so naturally to us, we are just simply affirmed and encouraged to be the absolute best version of ourselves? Benevolent relationships are the ones that make us feel confident about being in our own skin.

It’s about being directed from the inside. We all have authentic, deep desires that deserve to be fulfilled. This is how we will reach our full potential. Given, it may not always be on the timeline we planned, but we can rest assured that we are living on purpose, confidently dreaming–and living our dreams–in the right direction.

By Stephanie Corder

Stephanie is the Director of Creative & Digital Content for Families of Character

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