Welcome to the only online, in-home

character course for families in the nation!

20 virtues to build your family's character. Take on one virtue each month to create a happier, healthier, & more successful life.

An online course to develop character
as a family.

Every month, you get to choose ANY virtue chapter you wish to complete with your family. It will take you 30 days to complete each virtue.

Each chapter includes a video, self assessments, and goal tracking tools. Discover the power of good character in your family today!



Row 1

Develop a vision for your family.

Achieve your goals with proper prioritizing.

Live with an attitude of giving.

How to render everyone what they are due.

Become empowered with moral courage.


Row 2

How to practice self- control for greater good.

Possess the wisdom to make thoughtful decisions.

Know how to dress with dignity.

Live with honest & good-natured friendliness.

Become genuinely helpful to everyone around you.


Row 3

Achieve goals with proper boundaries.

Become informed on what proper tolerance is.

Have the ability to remain calm through difficulties.

Live with mercy and appropriate discipline.

Achieve good in your words and actions.


Row 4

Have vision and clear focus on your goals.

How to be of service to close family & friends.

Celebrate the morals and values we hold as a nation.

Understand how to be obey legitimate authority.

Have inner calm, no matter what is happening.